Wisdom for the Holidays

Are there any wise words I could give for people in dark times this holiday season? The answer is yes, actually–I do have some wisdom for the holidays. Our slogan here is “To Be Grateful” and this applies beautifully to what I’m about to share with you all today. The best wisdom you’ll get this Christmas is to be grateful. No matter how much you lost or gained in 2020, we should face the end of the year with a grateful disposition. Don’t curse God for your portions lest your portions curse you back tenfold–is what my grandma used to say.

By being grateful during hard times we show the universe that we have passed the test and it’s time to bring on the blessings.

Another piece of wisdom I can give to people who can’t afford Christmas gifts is to use this as an opportunity to be creative. You don’t have to cancel gift giving in your social circle just because you have no coins. All you have to do is get creative and make presents by scratch. You can draw pictures, paint rocks, write cards, etc. There’s lots you can do for Christmas gifts without spending money. Also, if canceling gift giving is a better option for your clique, then that’s an option too.

Ultimately, remembering that just because a Christmas is different than last year doesn’t mean it needs to be worse.