Why You Should Be More Grateful – The Law of Relativity

law of relativity

What is the law of relativity?

The law of relativity is a universal law that affects all life, especially us humans on Earth. It states that everything we see, touch, smell, think, hear or taste can only be perceived relative to something else. For example you might find that cucumbers taste rather bland only because you’ve tasted brandy, and likewise sadness doesn’t feel so good when you have happiness to compare it with. If there wasn’t anything rock-hard in this world then we might be calling pillows rather hard. If you’ve never seen what’s outside the cave, then whatever’s inside the cave is all you know.

Everything has a complete opposite, that is the law of polarity, and because of this law of polar opposites we can experience and understand a full spectrum of uniqueness between each extreme in every aspect.

Now what does knowing all this have to do with being grateful?


Because you know that your problem may be large at one moment and then small at a different moment once your perspective has changed, means that you know everything is a perception, EVERYTHING, and we can choose to look at our problems from any perspective we want. You might decide to look at the problem of your phone breaking and see it as an opportunity to upgrade, advance and grow. You might see a dull day in your work week, be down for a few minutes, then remember the law of relativity to see that your dull day compared to so many things is actually one of the best days in the world! In other words a day can only be dull if you make it dull, because you decide which perspective you look at things with.

Still, where does being grateful fit into all of this?


If you’re looking at a serious problem in your life and there’s no way you can see good in it, activate the law of relativity by shifting your perception with gratefulness. The mind is a magnificent web of orderly energy and we can weave it as we wish. “Are you asking me to be grateful for my father’s death?” No, but I’m sure there are things that’ve come out of your experience that you can be grateful for, like a memory of you together at a restaurant, or the fact that you have since become more independent. Remember that although your situation seems horrible, you can choose to remember that it’s only what you make it.

Some people go as far to say that even good and evil don’t exist; they’re mere fabrications of the mind.

Knowing this, you can choose to be grateful all the time, and never will you have a dull day again!