Finding A Hobby To Stay Fit – Exercise Advice From A Hobbyist

By the time we reach adulthood we form many subconscious habits that can make their way into the conscious mind as problems when they start to create consequences. For example having the habit of sleeping in on weekdays may become a problem in later life when you wish you had more time during the day, and you’re always wondering why that thing you’ve been trying to do for three years still isn’t done. Other good examples are not brushing your teeth before bed, not putting money away for the future, but by far the most notorious habit that we end up regretting is not exercising and not staying fit.

The best way to stay fit I found is by finding something you enjoy doing that’s also physically demanding. A good friend of mine recently found a passion for golf and being a man who never used to go out much you can start to notice the improvements golf has made on his health. For my neighbor, gardening is a great hobby that keeps her physically active. For me, it’s diving and skateboarding.

But how do you find the hobby that’s right for you? Great question!

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