I love to ride!

Finding My Balance As a Skateboarder

I love being a skateboarder. It gives me a deep sense of freedom and accomplishment. The first time I rode a skateboard I was in high school. Everyone was doing it so I thought I give it a try. Of course, the first time wasn’t really a pleasant experience,  or even memory for that matter. I fell down a lot, but that made me more eager to learn how to skate. I thought, if I quit now, then I’ll never know what it feels like to flip your skateboard while you’re suspended midair.

By the time I realized how much time and hard work I need to invest so I can do that backside flip I’d been dreaming about, I was already way into the deep. I was having so much fun that it didn’t matter how many times I fell, hit the ground, or even broke my fingers. All that mattered was finding my balance on the board.

Skateboarding Life Lessons

One of the lessons I’ve learned as a skateboarder is not giving up. You can fall a hundred times, finding your balance on your skateboard wouldn’t mean a thing, unless you’re be willing to pick and dust yourself up a hundred and one times. Did you think Tony Hawk just stepped on that skateboard one day and started skating like a superstar or that Michael Jordan started shooting like a pro the moment he stepped on that court, of course not. They too had to work really hard, pushing their limits to find courage and reason to keep going after every fall.

Taking calculated risks. My parents never liked skateboarding. I believe it’s a popular opinion of most parents who care deeply about the safety of their child. The biggest risk a skateboarder has to take is falling. A bad fall can cause serious or even fatal damage… Knowing that falling and skateboarding go hand in hand puts you in the advantage. It enables you to take necessary precautions such as, training to fall strategically, wearing a helmet, using knee pads and more safety equipment if necessary. This process is called risk management, a smart way to enjoy skateboarding with a significantly reduced amount of risk.


Now, I apply the same concept to my life by gathering as much information as I can before I make a choice, allowing me to make informed decisions with very little to minimal risks involved.
Skateboarders love skateboarding for different reasons. To me, it symbolizes freedom and tenacity, something that I used to lack in my life. Now, every time I’m on that skateboard trying to learn a new trick with my heart racing and my whole body tensed, ready to take another fall… (here is a hint, NEVER tense when doing a break fall!),

This sport reminds me of how much this sport changed me from the time when I was still trying to find my balance on the skateboard to this day when I finally made that backside flip maneuver.

I just wanted to share a little bit about my experience with the pursuit of the sport, if you have any questions about injuries, tricks, or professional footage, get my contact information here!