How To Turn An Exterior House Cleaning Project Into A Water Park For Kids!

water balloons

While visiting family in Seattle, Washington I was disappointed to find out that during my one weekend there my uncle and his three little children would be going through some intense Spring cleaning. I just wanted to relax and take a break from all my hobbies but I found myself having to clean … yuk! It wasn’t until 5 minutes into the cleaning process that I realized this was so fun!

Now I learned something very valuable. No longer do I think of cleaning the outdoor surfaces of a house a laborious chore. Now, after having had a water park party extravaganza with three little excited kids I look at exterior house cleaning as something to do for fun! How?–you might ask…

It’s simple: with music, bubbles, sprinklers, a BBQ and beverages, you can have so much fun pressure washing and using the hose that you and the kids won’t even realize you’re actually doing work. When cleaning the outside of your home with the whole family, the kids should always get the soap duty, so long as they know not to eat it. Kids have so much fun squirting soap onto the side of the house and we even put soapy water in their toy squirt guns and had a role playing adventure where we pretended the house was a monster and we had to shoot it and attack it with water and scrubbers!

We found ourselves having so much fun cleaning the house that we only stopped for a break when the food was done!

bbq cleaning party

Now I ask myself “why just have a backyard BBQ party when you can have a water park, too?” The sun was hot and bright that day so it was refreshing to run through the sprinklers and spray each other with water. After a while our project turned into a water balloon fight and we forgot all about cleaning the house until one of the kids shouted “monster!” and we teamed up again to wash all the soap suds off the house siding with our water balloons. Splash! Splash! Splash! Never had a monster been so clean!

It wasn’t even 3 PM before the real help arrived. Tired after battling the great monster for hours, it was a relief to let brave knights in shining armor finish the monster off for good. Well, they weren’t really knights; they were the roof cleaning Seattle company we hired to clean the roof shingles and we just pretended they were heroes beheading the monster with their their magic moss killer spells. My uncle found it was too dangerous to let the kids climb onto the roof, so he ordered these professionals to see the job done. They joined us around dinner time for a break and even had a little water gun fight with the kids before they went back to work.

At that point the kids really thought the roof cleaning knights were brave because after that long day the children were more than ready for a long, long nap. Now as I finish writing this post for my blog I think I’m just about ready for a nap, too. I hope I dream of a water fight! I miss the kids already…