My Experience Quitting Coffee

Ever since I was 16 or so, I’ve been drinking coffee nearly everyday and let’s just say it’s been a long time. Well, it’s now day 32 and I haven’t had a single drop of that bitter dark drink. Don’t get me wrong, though. I have been drinking a lot of green tea. Over all, however, my caffeine intake is about only 10% if what it used to be. And do you know what the strangest part of that is? I now feel more energy from one small cup of tea then I used to from two large cups of coffee. This is because my tolerance is way down. Now I also save about 15 minutes of time every morning.

My reason for quitting coffee was not for the usual health reasons that people have, or to quit my addiction. It was because I was starting to get upset stomachs from it for some reason. Besides, I even like the taste of green tea a lot more now. It has way more health benefits and is so smooth going down with a bit of cream.

I wanted to share this experience for anyone else out there trying to quit coffee. Trust me, if I can do it then you can too!

Getting Proper Appliance Repair Kitchener Service with Gratitude

Despite everything negative in the world, I’ve maintained a level of gratitude throughout the year of 2020. It’s the small positive things in life that have allowed me to do it. Today, my greatest example of love and compassion to share is an event that took place in Kitchener ON, and it involves appliance repair.

This is miraculous for me because in all the places love can be found I never would’ve thought that an example can come from something so simple as ordering appliance fixing services from my local company of technicians. But it did, and here’s how. This will also allow me to explain how to get proper service if you’re looking for appliance repair Kitchener ON specifically. There are many options but I think I found the best one.

On Getting Proper Service for Appliance Repair in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario

appliance repair kitchener on

To get professional appliance repair service in the Kitchener Waterloo area call Appliance Repair Kitchener at (226) 243-2264. They’re a local team of true experts in the industry, fixing all your major household brands of appliances. Just call them any time because they’re open 7 days a week.

How Great Service Helped Me Say Grateful in 2020

Like I said before, it’s the small positive things in life that help me stay grateful. The great help I got from Appliance Repair Kitchener was a small act of kindness but a big event in keeping my awareness of worldly goodness alive. There’s so much in the world to be grateful for. We just need to open our eyes and see it. When a company goes out of it’s way to provide superb appliance repair service that blesses your life, it’s easy to remember how much love really permeates around the world.

Cheers for being here and reading. I really hope this post helps you remain grateful and get the appliance service you need in Kitchener ON. Remember, just call (226) 243-2264 at any time, or visit

They’ll help you out!

Wisdom for the Holidays

Are there any wise words I could give for people in dark times this holiday season? The answer is yes, actually–I do have some wisdom for the holidays. Our slogan here is “To Be Grateful” and this applies beautifully to what I’m about to share with you all today. The best wisdom you’ll get this Christmas is to be grateful. No matter how much you lost or gained in 2020, we should face the end of the year with a grateful disposition. Don’t curse God for your portions lest your portions curse you back tenfold–is what my grandma used to say.

By being grateful during hard times we show the universe that we have passed the test and it’s time to bring on the blessings.

Another piece of wisdom I can give to people who can’t afford Christmas gifts is to use this as an opportunity to be creative. You don’t have to cancel gift giving in your social circle just because you have no coins. All you have to do is get creative and make presents by scratch. You can draw pictures, paint rocks, write cards, etc. There’s lots you can do for Christmas gifts without spending money. Also, if canceling gift giving is a better option for your clique, then that’s an option too.

Ultimately, remembering that just because a Christmas is different than last year doesn’t mean it needs to be worse.

How Can Meditating in the Garden Possibly Go Wrong?

Many of you who read this aren’t going to believe this story, but it’s true. As a spiritual person I love meditating, and a scientist might call the boys in white coats to tie me up if I told them exactly why, so I’ll get into the “why I meditate” in a future post. For now, I want to tell you the dangers of meditating. Now, we all already know the obvious dangers like meditating on a train track or meditating in a public park where someone can steal your purse, but I’m talking about the dangers of meditating right here in your own back yard. I’ll quickly throw “watch out for bird poop” at you because that’s not why I’m writing this either.

This is a story that literally JUST HAPPENED! And you should be careful it doesn’t happen to you!

Now if you’re not a fan of funny stories then maybe this particular blog post isn’t for you, because it’s not serious like most of my material. Today I saw the bright sun and felt really good so I thought I’d put on some of my better, fancier clothing, a set of clothes I haven’t worn in almost a year because it’s really expensive. Just remember that because it’s going to make this even funnier.

It was about lunch time when I already accomplished everything I had wanted to do today. I had gotten food for the cat, had washed the bathroom, did work on the computer, made some money, watched the news, but what, I asked myself, shall I do next?

My answer, as you’ve probably guessed, was “meditate in the garden.” of course, I was NOT brilliant enough to change my clothes before I finished my tea and stepped outside. The birds were chirping and the neighbour’s dog was quiet for a change. All was perfect, or so it seemed…

Ah, I remember it so clearly. Hmh, so clearly, in fact, that I can make a brief list of just how perfect it was.

  1. The grass was soft beneath my bear feet.
  2.  A frog in my pond was croaking just like they do in the movies when something romantic is about to happen.
  3. A couldn’t smell the neighbour’s dog poop as I usually do every time I step close to a window that’s open just a crack.
  4. A little pink cloud was blocking the sun from my eyes.
  5. A butterfly nearly kissed my nose.
  6. I think that’s about it.

Now, thanks to that brief list, you can imagine just how romantic and awesome my meditating experience was about to be. Well, I had only gotten down to my usual position in the grass, had only closed my eyes for not even 5 seconds, when–Tsssss!–the sprinklers turned on and sent a jet of pressurized water right into my face. For a brief second I wasn’t sure what in the world was happening and so I screamed at the top of my lungs like piggly little school girl from a cheesy 1920s horror movie.

It’s not the case anymore, but I was PISSED! Now I don’t mean I was pissing wet. I mean I was freaking PISSED OFF!!!

If you know me just a little bit you’ll know I don’t get angry that often, or practically ever for that matter. While writing this I literally can’t remember the last time I got angry before this. Now if you don’t know me, you can still probably imagine how silly I looked when I tried to kick the sprinkler water as if that would do anything. It just made me wetter, and I slipped, getting dirt all over my fancy outfit…

How could meditating produce the opposite effect that it’s supposed to create? Well, you just read it, my friend. I was not relaxed one bit. I stormed back into the house and called Irrigation Victoria BC to change the time when the sprinklers go on, and I (regretting it now) complained more than I probably should have. I know it wasn’t their fault that I decided to go out and meditate at the precise moment they had set the sprinklers to go off, but the man on the phone was nice and brightened my mood nonetheless. They left after re-adjusting the sprinkler system right before I decided to write about this on my blog.

Now if you have any stories about how meditating in the garden can go wrong, I’d love to hear them! Contact me via email, tell me the whole story, and I might just start a series by posting it on my blog as a guest post! i hope this story brightened your day and, most importantly, prevented this from happening to you!




Wisdom VS Knowledge | Is there a difference?

Is there a difference between wisdom and knowledge? This is a subjective question, therefore the answer can be yes or no, depending on your beliefs. The writer of this blog post, however, believes there is a gigantic difference. As much as I’d love to be having a water balloon fight in the beautiful weather (visiting family in Seattle again), I’ve decided to treat my reader’s with this special topic today!

To begin my argument supporting that there is a difference between these two intellectual factors, I’ll now display academically accepted definitions of the words.

  1. Knowledge = facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education.
  2. Wisdom = the ability to use your knowledge and experience to make good decisions and judgments.

Already you can see a slight difference, as wisdom requires knowledge but knowledge doesn’t necessarily require wisdom. I like to think of knowledge as information, and as we all know, information has the inherent ability to be incorrect sometimes. Wisdom, however, is NEVER INCORRECT! Wisdom always tells us the right coarse of action, even though we may choose not to take it. Knowledge, being incorrect or false, has a chance of leading us down the wrong road. We must be careful where we get our knowledge from because it is a thing that everyone has. But wisdom is something you can only get from rare sources, as not everyone has it.

I’m going to go a little beyond the board here when I say knowledge was invented by man. Since everything is a perception reliant on the law of relativity, our knowledge of everything is merely an illusion. For example, we say the sun is bright because our eyes hurt when we look at it. But how can we really know the sun it bright, as there might be other alien races who consider it rather dim?

One of the greatest pieces of wisdom quoted frequently is “we know nothing!” Have you ever heard someone say that a person who thinks he knows everything has a lot to learn? Ancient wise people would always make at least two assumptions about everything, because there is always a chance that your first assumption may be wrong, so why get attached to it?

Now let me take this a little further when I wisdom was here before we were. Animals use wisdom when they rely on their instincts, because wisdom is based off of universal laws.

So what is the major difference between wisdom and knowledge?

In my opinion, in a summary, the greatest difference is that knowledge is invented by us and wisdom was here before we were. For example, your mechanic might suggest a certain type of wrench for a certain job because he has knowledge about that subject. Knowledge about cars and wrenches came after us. But such wisdom like “the last shall be first and the first shall be last” is a universal law that affects all life on Earth, and has been affecting it long before we were here. Don’t believe me? Well, next time you get on a cramped and crowded public bus, be the last one to get on and surely when it comes time to get off, you’ll be first! The same goes for sand in a bucket, or molecules on a stick.

In other words, wisdom is here whether we’re here to notice it or not, a knowledge relies on us to exist.

To learn more about the universal laws of the universe, consider watching this video!

Now feel free to disagree with me, because like I said this is all subjective. Everything I know is an illusion, even the idea of wisdom itself! 


Why You Should Be More Grateful – The Law of Relativity

What is the law of relativity?

The law of relativity is a universal law that affects all life, especially us humans on Earth. It states that everything we see, touch, smell, think, hear or taste can only be perceived relative to something else. For example you might find that cucumbers taste rather bland only because you’ve tasted brandy, and likewise sadness doesn’t feel so good when you have happiness to compare it with. If there wasn’t anything rock-hard in this world then we might be calling pillows rather hard. If you’ve never seen what’s outside the cave, then whatever’s inside the cave is all you know.

Everything has a complete opposite, that is the law of polarity, and because of this law of polar opposites we can experience and understand a full spectrum of uniqueness between each extreme in every aspect.

Now what does knowing all this have to do with being grateful?


Because you know that your problem may be large at one moment and then small at a different moment once your perspective has changed, means that you know everything is a perception, EVERYTHING, and we can choose to look at our problems from any perspective we want. You might decide to look at the problem of your phone breaking and see it as an opportunity to upgrade, advance and grow. You might see a dull day in your work week, be down for a few minutes, then remember the law of relativity to see that your dull day compared to so many things is actually one of the best days in the world! In other words a day can only be dull if you make it dull, because you decide which perspective you look at things with.

Still, where does being grateful fit into all of this?


If you’re looking at a serious problem in your life and there’s no way you can see good in it, activate the law of relativity by shifting your perception with gratefulness. The mind is a magnificent web of orderly energy and we can weave it as we wish. “Are you asking me to be grateful for my father’s death?” No, but I’m sure there are things that’ve come out of your experience that you can be grateful for, like a memory of you together at a restaurant, or the fact that you have since become more independent. Remember that although your situation seems horrible, you can choose to remember that it’s only what you make it.

Some people go as far to say that even good and evil don’t exist; they’re mere fabrications of the mind.

Knowing this, you can choose to be grateful all the time, and never will you have a dull day again!

How To Turn An Exterior House Cleaning Project Into A Water Park For Kids!

While visiting family in Seattle, Washington I was disappointed to find out that during my one weekend there my uncle and his three little children would be going through some intense Spring cleaning. I just wanted to relax and take a break from all my hobbies but I found myself having to clean … yuk! It wasn’t until 5 minutes into the cleaning process that I realized this was so fun!

Now I learned something very valuable. No longer do I think of cleaning the outdoor surfaces of a house a laborious chore. Now, after having had a water park party extravaganza with three little excited kids I look at exterior house cleaning as something to do for fun! How?–you might ask…

It’s simple: with music, bubbles, sprinklers, a BBQ and beverages, you can have so much fun pressure washing and using the hose that you and the kids won’t even realize you’re actually doing work. When cleaning the outside of your home with the whole family, the kids should always get the soap duty, so long as they know not to eat it. Kids have so much fun squirting soap onto the side of the house and we even put soapy water in their toy squirt guns and had a role playing adventure where we pretended the house was a monster and we had to shoot it and attack it with water and scrubbers!

We found ourselves having so much fun cleaning the house that we only stopped for a break when the food was done!

bbq cleaning party

Now I ask myself “why just have a backyard BBQ party when you can have a water park, too?” The sun was hot and bright that day so it was refreshing to run through the sprinklers and spray each other with water. After a while our project turned into a water balloon fight and we forgot all about cleaning the house until one of the kids shouted “monster!” and we teamed up again to wash all the soap suds off the house siding with our water balloons. Splash! Splash! Splash! Never had a monster been so clean!

It wasn’t even 3 PM before the real help arrived. Tired after battling the great monster for hours, it was a relief to let brave knights in shining armor finish the monster off for good. Well, they weren’t really knights; they were the roof cleaning Seattle company we hired to clean the roof shingles and we just pretended they were heroes beheading the monster with their their magic moss killer spells. My uncle found it was too dangerous to let the kids climb onto the roof, so he ordered these professionals to see the job done. They joined us around dinner time for a break and even had a little water gun fight with the kids before they went back to work.

At that point the kids really thought the roof cleaning knights were brave because after that long day the children were more than ready for a long, long nap. Now as I finish writing this post for my blog I think I’m just about ready for a nap, too. I hope I dream of a water fight! I miss the kids already…

Finding A Hobby To Stay Fit – Exercise Advice From A Hobbyist

By the time we reach adulthood we form many subconscious habits that can make their way into the conscious mind as problems when they start to create consequences. For example having the habit of sleeping in on weekdays may become a problem in later life when you wish you had more time during the day, and you’re always wondering why that thing you’ve been trying to do for three years still isn’t done. Other good examples are not brushing your teeth before bed, not putting money away for the future, but by far the most notorious habit that we end up regretting is not exercising and not staying fit.

The best way to stay fit I found is by finding something you enjoy doing that’s also physically demanding. A good friend of mine recently found a passion for golf and being a man who never used to go out much you can start to notice the improvements golf has made on his health. For my neighbor, gardening is a great hobby that keeps her physically active. For me, it’s diving and skateboarding.

But how do you find the hobby that’s right for you? Great question!

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Love Search

It’s not often that some random person on the internet will have the desire to publicly broadcast their personal love life and their quest to find love, but this talk that I recently shared with a dear friend worked wonders for her life and now she’s insisting that I spread this knowledge that helped her so much. So now here I am posting on this friendly blog to share my personal love life.

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