4 Ways How to Enhance Your Energy Level (Boost Motivation)

boost energy

Looking for ways to get more energy throughout your day without drinking ten coffees and popping ginseng pills? Keep reading to learn 4 ways to help you get more energy and motivation all year round!

  1. Eat a Balanced Diet! By balanced, however, I don’t mean just as much meat and bread as vegetables. Overall, I believe, you should eat more vegetables than meats and breads. Did you know your brain uses vitamins to think? This is why children in poverty have a harder time learning; they’re not getting enough nutrition. So eat as many veggies as you can without turning orange and I guarantee you’ll start to notice an increase in not only energy but cognitive power as well.
  2. Get a Good Sleep! By a good sleep I don’t mean sleeping for 12 hours. Sometimes even 8 hours can be too much if you don’t need it. By getting a good sleep I really mean listening to what your body is telling you. If you wake up after 5 hours of sleeping and find that your wide awake, why go back to sleep? Your body is telling you that you’ve had just enough sleep to start your next day. Other times you might wake up at 7 AM and find that it’s extremely hard to keep your eyes open. In this case, listen to your body and go back to bed, unless of course you’re willing to sacrifice your energy levels for the day just for an extra hour of being awake…
  3. Gaze at the Sun! One of the first things you do in the morning should be to open your blinds. You probably already know that you get a better sleep if your room is darker, but did you know you’ll have a better day if your day is brighter? This is because as soon as real natural light reaches your pupils, your brains stops producing melatonin and starts to produce serotonin. So look at the sun to boost your energy. But don’t burn your eyes. Start to pay attention to the sky. On cloudy days it’s actually better because you can look directly at the sun without damaging your eyes. If it’s so cloudy that you can’t even tell where the sun is though, don’t fret. Looking at the sky in this case is still better than staring at a wall.
  4. Don’t Have too much Sex! A lot of the nutrients you eat goes into your reproductive organs. The less you release these magical juices, the more you will conserve your nutrients. Some people make the mistake of having too much sex, and then they wonder why they’re so tired all the time. It’s not because they’ve physically exhausted themselves; it’s because they’re using up all their zinc and other minerals without replenishing them. On the other hand, never releasing these juices can have even worse effects. So seek a good balance and listen to your body. Imitate the hermits of ancient Christianity and don’t fall for your animalistic desires every single time they arise. Learn to control your sexual exploits, and you’ll control your energy levels.

So there we go! I hope you learned something you haven’t tried yet. Getting enough protein is crucial, so is preserving your zinc levels and looking at the sky as much as possible. Ask yourself, when was the last time you stared up at the sky for more than twenty seconds? Do this often, and you’ll notice a change! Good luck, and come back to our blog soon for more relative content!