I love to ride!

Finding My Balance As a Skateboarder

I love being a skateboarder. It gives me a deep sense of freedom and accomplishment. The first time I rode a skateboard I was in high school. Everyone was doing it so I thought I give it a try. Of course, the first time wasn’t really a pleasant experience,  or even memory for that matter. I fell down a lot, but that made me more eager to learn how to skate. I thought, if I quit now, then I’ll never know what it feels like to flip your skateboard while you’re suspended midair.

By the time I realized how much time and hard work I need to invest so I can do that backside flip I’d been dreaming about, I was already way into the deep. I was having so much fun that it didn’t matter how many times I fell, hit the ground, or even broke my fingers. All that mattered was finding my balance on the board.

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What Being a Diver Means to Me

Try something different with me!

Swimming into the depths of the sea along with the fishes and corals is what I do for a living. If you find that exciting, then I can say it truly is. It almost feels as though I live in the water or the water lives in me; many times I no longer find any distinction. Being in the water always makes me feel fortunate to have diving into the deep as a day job.

Diving comes naturally for me living along the coast. I was barely aware of many things in life when I knew this job was my calling. While most people dream of being 30,000 feet above sea level, I enjoy going into the deep blue, 400 feet under the surface.

The thing about diving is that anyone can do it for pleasure. But what sets professional divers apart are the grueling conditions that confront our job. Mostly, I’m at the mercy of the whims of men as well as the whims of the sea. It doesn’t necessarily look like a recipe for happiness, unless you get the education, training, certification and experience to be ready for anything.

Aside from being a swimmer my whole life, I give credit to my mentors who provided me the skills, training as well as my first job as a commercial diver at 18. I remember how I couldn’t wait for it and how it occupied my mind all through high school. As soon as I finished, I knew I was ready.

There’s a cost to finish the certification, degree program and training programs that specialize in underwater works. But since I aim to embrace it as a career, I had to pay for what it’s worth. Little did I know at the time that all the work I have been doing as well as all the hours I have been putting to develop myself, skills and knowledge would pay off big time.

Diving Into The Hawaiian Blue

One of the best perks of my diving job is the travel. The most recent, and inspiring one at that, was the Hawaiian coral reefs. You would think working against the backdrop of such a scenic landscape is enough. But that’s not all. It’s a great opportunity that I was also able to participate in a project that aims to protect the beautiful coral reefs found exclusively in this isolated little island. If I can define the Hawaiian coral reefs in one word, then it’s perfection. It’s only right to aim our environmental projects at a place that least deserves to be defiled by the harsh effects of commercialization and other activities.

How Much Do Divers Earn?

Depending on your specialization, the salary of a commercial diver can range from 40,000 to 60,000 USD. Aside from the competitive salary and the high demand for divers, the opportunities have no boundaries. If the sea is your working field, then there’s apparently no limit.

But diving isn’t just all about the perks. You are paid well due to the specialization it requires and for the reason that the dangers of being at the sea is real. Sometimes I have to be on a 12-hour shift for three to six weeks straight. If I have to wait until the next project, then I spend my time working as a diving instructor to maintain my livelihood.

I have seen so many beautiful coastlines in my young life. I have also felt the different kinds of outbursts of the sea. My work as a commercial diver has given me such a blessing of endless opportunities and a perspective that my world is limitless. If it takes being a diver to protect our waters and all the creatures in it, then I would give my life to uphold this advocacy as it has been the water that sustained me more than half of my life.

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